Bursitis? Whatever It Is It Hurt

I'm just recording this really quick. cause I've been behind on everything. I've not been doing a lot of podcasts. I've been posting stuff online. So I've been doing my, blog as normal. but this is the state of me at the moment. I'm in severe pain. As you know, I've got loads of different medical problems, but lately, I'm in severe pain with a knee .problem

I've got arthritis in my knee. I'm an old person, so I've got arthritis, but, lately, I can barely walk. So I'm walking with a limp now. I'm not sure if I exacerbated the injury, cause I've got a weighted vest that I decided to start wearing and I was training with the weight vest on, so it could have compressed the knee a bit more but at the moment, the pain is in the side of my knee is excruciating. I mean, really, really bad. I've still been going out and training, but what I do is train my upper body. So I'll do press-ups and I'll do the big weights.

If I walk going down the stairs, I've got to go down sideways. So I don't actually hurt my leg. I believe I'm not sure, but I've done my own research. I'm waiting for the results of the x-ray. I've done my own research. I think it's bursitis. It's called. So basically I can feel the pain on the side of my knee. It feels like the actual bone is rubbing against something, but if I touch it, there's no pain. If I move it. Oh my God. I'm in pain. And now I'm feeling it in the other leg as well. so I'm getting it in both so I can barely walk.

And the other thing again, because of the way I've got to walk. It's now putting pressure on my calves so my calves are burning. So every step I'm walking unbalanced. I'm not aligned properly. So a lot of the pressures going onto my calves. So my calves are actually killing me as well.

Now some people would say,

oh my God, why don't you stay at home? Why are you out training? What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?"

Here's the thing. I've got loads of different things wrong with me. And the way I look at things, I'm always liked this.

Never let adversity define who you are,

Be, who you are, do what you need to do. I'm not saying go out there, have a problem and make it worse by what you're doing. I mean, my training is not going to make it worse apart from walking to the park and walking back. cause I'm not actually training that area. that's painful or whatever, but provided, you can go out and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle, then you should continue doing what you do. I always look at it like this. If you look around the world, you'll see, there are children who don't even get the option of having one day of life on this planet.

So then who am I to complain about the pain? I've got to feel you grin and bear it. So I just carry on doing what I've got to do, working through the pain. I've got painkillers upstairs. I've not even taken I'm not one for painkillers. This is going to sound really strange, but I know I am not a masochist What I do is whenever I'm in pain, I just keep laughing. Cause it hurts so much. So as ow, ow, ow, ow so it just doesn't bother me. the reason why I've made this is to try to tell people.

Do not let the things that are wrong with you or that you think are wrong with you hold you back from doing what you do.

You're still who you are. So never let whatever is wrong with you. Define who you are.

And remember, I don't like people that are hanging around to me.

Oh my God. Steve, Steve, how do you feel blah blah yeah, I'm not into that. I like people to just take me as I am I grin and bear it. I can take it. You should be able to take it.

So anyway, I should be back to my normal podcast soon. I've got a few in mind that I've got to do. My blog posts will still be getting done. So I'll still be doing the blog posts. it's just a few other things I'm studying at the same time.

So I'm doing my level 4 obesity and diabetes, weight management, which I'm behind on. So I've got to try and get that finished. I've got another course that I'm meant to be doing this month, which I don't know how I'm going to do without my legs. It's called. Combat fitness. So I've got to do that and I've got to make a video for them to, to give to them. And I've been invited to do a speech thing at an event next month in August, I'm talking about things that I went through and the things that were wrong with me, trying to motivate people that's what I like doing. I like to motivate people and let them realize that they're not alone.

People out there have got the same things that you've got sometimes even worse. And they're still out there doing what they've got to do.

So anyway, hopefully, talk to you soon. Bye.