How To Breath Properly

I feel really silly talking about this subject, but this is so important.

when I train people, I generally always have to keep telling them to breathe properly. Otherwise, you're going to feel exhausted. You're gonna feel. tired.

You ain't going to have the strength or the energy to continue exercising.

It's very important to breathe properly and to know how to breathe properly.

I'm asthmatic. And I generally, if I'm panicked and having an asthma attack, I know from past history, I breathed from my chest. So I try to gasp the air in to get as much oxygen as possible, but it doesn't work.

To breathe properly. You've got to learn to breathe from the diaphragm. So you're pullong air in from your diaphragm. Expand it, pull the air in, expand your lungs, fill it, and then breathe out

When breathing in, breathe in through the nose And out through the mouth. So it's breath in through the nose, out through the mouth, take big deep breaths. fill your lungs.

Doing a Tabata Workout

A Tabata workout gives you 20 seconds of hard work. 10 seconds of rest. In that 10 seconds, I worked out. You can get 3, big breaths.

Now, if I'm training somebody. and were doing a Tabata workout, they don't get the 3, big breaths.

What they do is they start to pant really fast, trying to get as much oxygen as possible, but they're not. Then when they come to do the next 20-seconds they can't do it because they haven't got enough oxygen. Then they're going, I can't breathe. I can't breathe because they’re not breathing properly

So this episode is all about breathing.

There are many different techniques, many different ways of breathing. The one that I'm more concerned about is breathing from the diaphragm, which I'm going to cover later on.

So we're going to talk about breathing

One day I was training someone and they were doing crunches and every time they came up, they seem to be having a problem. And I couldn't understand

so I said to them,

“are you breathing?“

And they said,


They were holding their breath on every rep.

And I said,

no, you're not meant to hold your breath on every rep you meant to breathe into prime, the muscles, give it the energy it needs because it needs oxygen to burn the fuel.

Then they followed my advice and they said

oh, that's so much easier.

Because breathing is so important.

when your exercising oxygen is one of the catalyst that the body needs

I mean, making this episode sounds a bit odd because you have to explain to people how to breathe and they've been breathing all their lives, but you could have been breathing all your life, but you may not be breathing correctly or not correctly for exercise.

So I'll explain it to you simply, and then you choose your techniques, there are so many different techniques and ways to learn, to breathe, box breathing, pursed, lip breathing, diaphragmatic breathing. There are so many different ways. If you look it up, you'll find all these different ways you can do them later on. if you follow yoga, yoga has so many different ways and disciplines teaching you how to breathe, but basically breathe in is a complex process involving the lungs diaphragm, and intercostal muscles for a person to breathe in the diaphragm and the external intercostal muscles contract increasing the space in the chest, which allows the lungs to fill with air to breathe out the diaphragm relaxes the internal intercostal muscles contract, causing the lungs to deflate and let the air out.

That is the basic process.

So I'm going to give you different techniques

Pursed lip breathing